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I have worked in a hospital for ten years as manager of nursesand four years as a manager in a private hospital. The last ten years I have been project manager, financial coordinator, evaluator and technical associate. I have gained the experience of coordinator by working and upgrading my skills in various franchises. am recognizedfor my ability to organize and coordinate jobs. Co-workers find me very consistent, fair and very good in handling thecrisis situations. Good assessment and reduction of business risk, efficiency and effectiveness in my work are also an integral part of my business strategy. I respect and nurture business ethics. I like to work in a team where the differences are appreciated and respected. When dealing with issues, I like to have multiple perspectivein order to understand why the problem exists. I believe that open interactive communication makes the first link in a quality team. 

I would like to work with people, and help others when we talk about healty life style, and exercise. I have been always good in caring for people with the special needs.

I am very independent, positive, and mobile. I am doing my best to always look forward in life. I think it is necessary to continuously build up the knowledge and skills, be open and ready for a change. I have two twin sons – one is a postdoctoral researcher and the other is pursuing PhD; this makes me very happy and proud. A healthy lifestyle is a huge part of my lifestyle. I can admit that I like extreme sports. I ran several marathons. I have been diving for more than 30 years and I am an excellent driver. I enjoy travelling very much. In the nature I find myself relaxed, open and calm. I love animals and they make me smile every time.

I honestly think that I am the kind of person who can help other people. If one makes a cross link between raising two sons as a single mother during the disturbing time back in Yugoslavia, one can have a clear indication of the kind of person I am: a strong, independent woman who never gives up. To be able to finish the marathon (42 km) person needs to have strong motivation, mental strength and to be very organized and persistent, and I ran in several marathons.

I sincerely hope that this position will be assigned to a person who at the same time respects the job and knows how to enjoy it. In the event that more quality CVs than mine arrive, please keep me in your database for consideration for any future appropriate positions.

Mirjana Gavrilovic

V kolikor želite kontakte delavca pokličite 090 73-73 ali si uredite mesečno članarino.